The Life of a Small Business Owner When Things Go Wrong

April 29, 2015

Almost every day I am awoken with the thought of what else I have to do or complete in order to make my business survive, thrive and continue.  This generally happens around 4am and then I carefully brew my Planet Bean coffee while gathering my laptop, hand scribbled recipes accumulated from my week because I haven’t had time to type them out, and pet my dogs who sometimes seem to be the only ones who understand why I’m up before dawn again. 


After a couple of hours, life awakens in the community around me when my family gets up, breakfast occurs, and we get ready to embark on daily tasks and head out to The Friendly Chef Adventures Inc. for another day of serving customers and enjoying food in Community. 


Today, I went into the shop earlier than normal to prepare a large catering for a lunch of gourmet sandwich platters.  As I made them I realized that what seems so natural to me really does look stunning and perhaps isn’t what everyone can achieve  easily.  THEN, the news came……two fridges down at The Mill Run Eatery overnight! 


As my stomach sunk to the bottom of my feet, I tried hard to keep my grounding and figure out how to keep a positive attitude as I pumped out my priority - the platters needed for 11am and then got ready for my staff arriving at 10am all the time while I was throwing out $25 dry aged ribeyes, dry scallops, and duck confit I had been so excited to cook today for a new poutine for FryDay at The Friendly Chef Adventures Inc..   


I apparently am not allowed to cry as a leader and business owner.   I bring in exceptional fresh local meat, produce and products in for our customers that the average grocery store doesn’t provide, yet no one realizes the real costs incurred to do so and the REAL risks that small business owners in a Village such as ours take on in order to make our community a better place and ensure you can buy things you need close to home instead of driving too far.   


Some weeks being an entrepreneur in a very small village is really difficult.  I would really love it if everyone who likes what we do at The Friendly Chef Adventures Inc. and the NEW Mill Run Eatery, come out and let us know this weekend by buying your specialty products from us or enjoying a lunch on our now open patio at The Mill Run. 



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