Late Nights at The Distillery District Rewarded

A Chef will often say that there’s nothing more rewarding than cooking up a fantastically creative meal that’s left the kitchen and resulted in making a couple’s evening memorable, and a Caterer will surely delight in recalling many weddings or special events where the reward of helping people celebrate with family and friends occurs with their food at center stage.  Then, every once in awhile, like today, a Chef can sit back and experience the rewards of their years of hard work and dedication to this craft we call ‘cooking,’ in a larger and more personal way.    


At my new shop located in the heart of the Village of Erin, Ontario, a new kind of reward came to me for the many late night hours I’ve had creating special memories for couples and corporate guests while working as the historic Distillery District Restaurants Corp. in Toronto, as I installed my very own, first professional kitchen.  I couldn’t help but recall working alongside a great team of Chef’s under the direction of Exectutive Chefs Charles Kerr and Chef Tim Miles.  Friday and Saturday nights, sometimes Sundays too, I would make the long trek from my home in Erin downtown, subject myself to the craziness of finding parking and enter the kitchen at The Fermenting Cellar or Archeo ready to be a part of someone’s wedding.  After receiving a paycheck biweekly that sometimes barely covered my gas and parking, I’d simply stow it away in an e-savings acct and as I watched the acct grow month after month, I secretly planned what kitchen equipment I would buy of my own when I launched my own kitchen.  It was never “if,” but always “when.”


My late nights at Distillery taught me so much about strategic planning and seem less execution of large events, what true teamwork is when you’re under the gun to pull off perfection on a plate for 600 guests, and how to cook with heart and soul, ‘never compromising’ on the quality or presentation of what leaves my kitchen, and today I realized those many late nights also directly bought me a new kitchen to call my own.  Thanks to Chef Tim for the inspiration and having faith in me from the beginning, and to Chef Charles for your contagious passion and incredible teachings!


Come down to the shop at 98 Main Street in Erin and see what the buzz is about in our new kitchen! 

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