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The Life of a Small Business Owner When Things Go Wrong

April 29, 2015

Almost every day I am awoken with the thought of what else I have to do or complete in order to make my business survive, thrive and continue.  This generally happens around 4am and then I carefully brew my Planet Bean coffee while gathering my laptop, hand scribbled recipes accumulated from my week because I haven’t had time to type them out, and pet my dogs who sometimes seem to be the only ones who understand why I’m up before dawn again. 


After a…


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"CHEF" the Movie and Social Media

When Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) is a comedy coming out tomorrow in Guelph telling the story of a Chef who suddenly quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity for its controlling owner (Dustin Hoffman).  Not knowing what to do next, he finds himself in Miami, and…


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Looking forward to Easter this weekend

You know that spring is in the air when you start to see windows on Main street decorated with pink, yellow and purple trinkets, but what screams Easter to me is memories of the aromas of lamb shanks, scalloped potatoes and maple syrup pie waffing from the kitchen as they did in my childhood.  

While we are still seeing snow on the ground and begging for spring crocuses to pop through the ground bringing hope of the pending bbq season to come, we are cooking up a storm this week at…


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Late Nights at The Distillery District Rewarded

A Chef will often say that there’s nothing more rewarding than cooking up a fantastically creative meal that’s left the kitchen and resulted in making a couple’s evening memorable, and a Caterer will surely delight in recalling many weddings or special events where the reward of helping people celebrate with family and friends occurs with their food at center stage.  Then, every once in awhile, like today, a Chef can sit back and…


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The Ice Storm in Hills of the Headwaters

There’s nothing that can make you grateful for what you have like losing power over the Christmas season.  Seven days living off the grid taught me a few lessons, and reinforced what I love most about living in a rural community – the resourcefulness and communal mentality of it’s people.  Here’s my top 10 list of lessons learned this week:



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Cook for the Cure...Fight Cancer and Support Chef Pam Dec 7th with Chef Lynn Crawford

Cook for the Cure Event Dec 7th to fight Breast Cancer


I believe that we all have a responsibility to use our skills and talents to better the world around us, while also fostering relationships and positive human connection!  In line with this…


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Making the best Caramel Sauce: Sugar or Glucose and the Carmelizing Process

Truly good caramel sauce is one of the most decadent treats one can have and is not easy to make unless you understand the craft of melting sugar at just the correct temperature to create this liquid gold.  In hunting for the perfect recipe over the past several months, I came across one that called for ‘glucose’ and white sugar.  I had also just recently seen…


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Where did the tradition of Thanksgiving begin?

As you prepare to enjoy Thanksgiving with those you love this coming weekend, you may find yourself wondering where the traditions of 'Turkey Day' actually began.  Many folks look to the Americans as it's creator but in fact the Americans did NOT invent Thanksgiving. It proudly began in Canada. Frobisher's first celebration of Thanksgiving occurred in 1578 - 43 years before the pilgrims gave thanks in 1621 for the bounty that ended a year of hardships and death. Abraham Lincoln established…


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French Burgundy Wine

Burgundy Wines from France


My recent trip to France this summer afforded me the opportunity to try some fantastic red Burgundy wines, a memory that came flooding back this morning as I enjoyed beginning the day with a Pinot wine taking class. 



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Julia Child's Birthday this month Aug 15th and recalling her Wisdom

It was only on my recent trip to France that I really immersed myself in the life and philosophies of Julia Child.  While in Washington DC two years ago for a conference I was delighted to check out her tribute at the Smithsonian, and there I bought two tribute DVD packs - one of her original episodes and another comprised of four disks featuring much later aired episodes of Julia cooking with Chef Jacque Pepin.…


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First GMO Hamburger tasted today - what's wrong with this picture???

Well today marked a sad day in meat production, or should I say re-production, as the first meat made from a dead cows stem cells was eaten with a Dutch vision that this may be a way to meet the growing worldwide demand for meat in the future.  Single stem cells of a dead cow were grown in a lab into small micro muscle rings and then the scientists added bread crumbs, beet juice for color, and some saffron to provide flavor.…


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Supermarkets Inc. Documentary on CNBC

I watched an interesting documentary this afternoon called Supermarket Inc. on CNBC.  Supermarkets are a 5 BILLION dollar a year industry in North America.  It revealed that in fact, a department store – not even a grocery store, the infamous Walmart, now sells on quarter of all the groceries purchased in the USA. 



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Last day in Figeac reflecting on wise words from Chef JP Centeno at George Brown

One of my favorite and wise chef professors at George Brown, Chef JP, has always said that one of the most important keys to running a good restaurant is TREATING YOUR STAFF WELL, and also genuinely respecting and being grateful for and thoughtful and kind to the customers that pay your bills. If you do both of these things in running a business, you build LOYALTY. In my books, 'loyalty'…


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An Introduction to my French Stage

After months of anticipation and planning how to ‘exit stage right’ from an active and committed life consisting of school, work, family and working at the Distillery District, I was full of anticipation and excitement as I finally boarded the Air France plane for Toulouse in early July.  There is always something invigorating and mysterious about the lift off of a plane going on my next adventure.…


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VIP Tickets to see Jamie Oliver at Roy Thompson Hall

On the afternoon of Sunday, October 28th you won't want to miss the New Food & Wine Pairing Event at Fermentations on the Danforth as Chef Pam teams up with her favourite winemaker Charles to chat while sampling Charles's latest blends and delectable appetizers.  We'll learn about trends in food and wine…

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Snapshot of Chef's Chat Event with Michael Smith and Chopped Canada WIN Feb 20 2016

Chef Pam Wins Chopped Canada!

PRESS RELEASE February 22, 2016 – Erin, Ontario – Erin Ontario’s own Chef Pam Fanjoy from The Friendly Chef Adventures brings home the top $10,000 prize winning the February 20th episode of Chopped Canada. “What an adventure that was!” said Chef Pam as she watched the episode live with family and friends. “Being able to share a totally crazy kitchen experience, unlike any I’ve ever had, with all my friends was awesome."...MORE

Her Intentions Were Good — Chopped Canada

At least her inTHAIntions were good. #ChoppedCanada

Posted by Chopped Canada on Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Chef Michael sure likes his flavors bold and perhaps one of the cooking lessons I've learned along the way from him is not to be afraid of putting that "va-va-voom" punch into your dish" ~ Chef Pam 

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